Pratyush Raj

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Professional activites :

As asst Camera man in hindi film:
2)Gho Gho Rani

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As asst Camera man in Bengali film :
1)Prakhar Rudra

As asst camera man in Bhojpuri film:
1)Milan Abhi Adha Adhura Ba
2)Bihar Express
3)Gangster Dulhania

As second unit camera man :
1)Sanam Sath Nibhaib Janam Janam

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As camera man in short film:
1)84 Years Of Long Journey
2)Listen Vipul
3)Thori Der Or

Video albums:
1)One Mistake
2)Bol Bum Raske Kaanwar
3)Tere Mere Darmiyan

As a cameraman I have done more than hundred corporate films for Tata steel and aiada and also I have worked for Jharkhand government projects..